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Who ?

Maybe Sarisa or maybe it is not but either way you can call me Rice, it’s my nickname.

I have a couple of nationalities but to simplify I am a Black Caribbean Lady from the lovely island of Saint-Martin.

I bring up a variety of topics, stream gameplay, art while having discussions mixed with personal stories and make videos on the internet which people summarise in one word as content creation.

Learn more about me and how I got started with all this.

Why ?

Looking for a space to exchange about different topics while still being a place where people could laugh and be respectful even when not taking everything seriously.

Watching content on Twitch that I enjoyed but not easily finding many Caribbean people with a heavy accent like mine or even tri/bilingual also pushed me to start a channel in order to share stories, knowledge and culture.

My straightforwardness can be too direct but it also permits for real conversations no matter the content made or the platform it is hosted on.

What ?

The focus is on interaction so I am regularly streaming on Twitch where live discussions and communities are the base of the platform.

I also have a Podcast on multiple platforms with my friend and co-host Broose where the subjects are voted by the viewers and listeners live while also sharing their views on each. They are active participants and not only a passive audience.

I started Youtube in 2020 to start playing with shorter format content.

Where you’ve seen me

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