About Me

Photo of Sarisa a younger Sarisa

Some of my paintings being shown in an exhibit when I was 14 in the City Hall of the island of Saint-Martin.

Besides the braces and my hair not being straight I look pretty much the same, even the awkward pose has not really change since.

Lady with beads

Pastel drawing from when I was around 15.

Back in the Caribbean, the Lady with beads is hanging peacefully on a wall.

Sarisa painting on twitch

A picture from one of my creative live stream. You can view the finished painting. Click here

Live streaming is a way to view in real time a painting taking form and see how much time it takes to bring an art piece to life.

I go by Maybe Sarisa because Sarisa is maybe not my name. I would like to keep some form of privacy so I don't share my full name. But you can call me Rice.My nickname is easier to remember and say.

I am from the island of Saint-Martin / Sint-Maarten located in the Caribbean and I have been painting since I was 7 years old. But if you listen to my parents I have been drawing even before then. I used to draw on the walls of our home when I ran out of paper. I got in trouble!

So I started drawing under the bed on the wooden frame and ran out of space. My mother found out. I got in trouble again!

She then asked a lovely lady who was a self taught artist if she could take me off her hands for an hour to paint because she had no other ideas to stop the drawing monster I was becoming. Luckily she agreed. I still believe that I wasn't that bad though.

I left my island at 17 after graduating high school so I can study architecture in France. There was no possibility to major in that on my island. I quickly started less and less painting for 5 years due to various things that happened while studying and living abroad (teachers’ bad critiques, comparing myself to others, low confidence etc.).

After getting my diploma in architecture while applying to a new school to further my studies, I decided to go back to the activities that I love and try to stop self doubting everything. I started playing video games (I had also stopped games for 5 years to focus on my studies) and decided to try streaming on twitch since I am fond of the interactive live exchange. I loved it!

One day, while playing, someone in chat asked what were my hobbies and I started talking about painting. They suggested that I do some creative streams, that it could not hurt. I am super shy (even though on the outside it doesn't look it) and very sensitive about my art so I was hesitant. Nevertheless, I missed making art just liked I missed playing video games. So I streamed one painting session. I loved it!

I was enjoying more and more making art while getting more and more confident about it. Even this website was the result of many people that found me on twitch interested in my art and encouraging me to showcase it.

A big thank you to my close family who are forever supportive, my followers, subscribers on twitch for all the support and to all who visits this website.

It is never too late to start something you love again !

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