Original Things to do in Tokyo Japan: Tea Ceremony Class

Jugetsudo's Beginner Tea Ceremony at Ginza Tokyo

The Tea Ceremony Set Up

Have you wanted to learn how to make matcha from beginning to end the traditional japanese way?

Have you wanted to know the manners and ways to participate in a japanese tea ceremony?

It is your lucky day! I have found the Jugetsudo beginner tea ceremony class in Ginza that takes you from the history of matcha in Japan to actually step by step making the tea properly. Here is my short review of the tea ceremony beginner's class at Jugetsudo that was in English. 

Matcha Tea making during the Beginner's class.

The class also explains to you the different types of matcha powders and for what occasion. They gave you a beautiful dessert as well to accompany your drink.

Wagashi, a japanese confection for the season with the manual showing you how to brew Matcha.

The interior of Jugetsudo in Ginza was designed by the famous architect Kengo Kuma. It is an ambiance surrounded by bamboo from walls to ceilings. The staff is friendly and welcoming as well.

The spot reserved for the class. You can be alone or be a group of 10 people.
The tea shop is right next to where the class is held if you want to buy a souvenir or a treat after the class.

I had a 10/10 experience. I highly recommend if you are a fan of tea and want to dive deeper into Japanese culture around this topic. I show you more in this vlog down below with the explanation on how I booked this experience.

Thank you for reading

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