How to Pack for a Last Minute Trip in 4 Tips

READING TIME: Less than 3 minutes

24 hours or less to get ready to go on a trip?

No problem!

Whether by car, train, boat, or plane, I can help you figure it out because I have been there.

I am giving you 4 tips to help you out and hopefully reduce the panic.

You can also do it while panicking, if necessary.

1. The Essentials

Individuals have to set what they deem as Must Haves for their trip!

The first things you need to pack, or at least set-aside, are your essentials.

Whether that is your toiletries, your toolbox, your medicine, your diary, or all of the above, you have to pack the elements you need, or will need for the trip.

Remember to respect the rules of the means of travel. You can't bring all the liquids on a plane like you can in a car.

You can keep a checklist on your phone. You can always pull it up every time you travel, and it will show you the things not to forget.

2. The Purpose

I am recommending you target the goal of the trip and stick to it.

Business or Pleasure? The attire you pack changes depending on the purpose and length of the trip.

Focus on that while you pack from the beginning so you don't get distracted and pack things you don't have room for or won't wear or use.

3. The Removal

You thought the previous tip was obvious, didn't you? Now, your suitcase is full!

Did you have to pack all of the things you have?

Could you buy some elements at your final destination that you can bring back on your return?

Couldn't you share the toothpaste that your friend, who is joining you on the trip, has already packed or borrowed from the family you are visiting?

For some reason, after packing it all, I remove certain things to lighten the suitcase even if it is not overweight.

I have always found myself having things unnecessarily packed when the trip was planned in advance. 

Short-term travel gives you a time, a deadline that surges you to stick to the necessary.

Remove the rest. 

4. The Process

Unless you have someone who can pack for you, best do it as best you can now and get it over with.

Breathe in and out and know you got this and even if you think you don't, you are still going in 24 hours, so might as well enjoy the process or make it less miserable.

Put on some music, a show, or a reward (dessert works for me) to look forward to after you finish packing and getting everything together.

Hope this help calm some nerves and get you through preparing for your journey!

Thanks for reading

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