Here are 7 tips to know BEFORE and AFTER Moving Abroad

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Contemplating changing your life?

Since 2020, many things have been happening that could leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Now 2022 has been no different whether you live in the USA or another country and this might have you thinking that moving to another country might be a possible solution for you.

I am here to help as someone who has moved abroad already!

These 7 tips are to consider during the planning process of the move and after the move to another country.

Watch this video for a more in-depth explanation and supplementary information compared to the summarised list below.

1. Money

Setting money aside for a move is great! However, this is not about this.

You need to research if the money or credit cards you already have in your accounts can be used without fees from abroad.

What are the necessary measures to ensure banking abroad if your funds are not readily retrievable from your existing accounts?

2. Research

I am not referring to an internet search or you reading this article research.

Exploring your personal network is the research needed!

If anyone you know is already living there or has lived there, I recommend you talk to them about their experience. 

If you have no one in your circle, searching Facebook Groups, LinkedIn or any other social platform can help you find someone who would be willing to share their story.

3. Listen

Listening to locals is key once you are at your destination.

The advice you hear from people who have lived there or locals must be taken seriously.

They give vital information you might never find out unless you experience it.

They give helpful tips specifically catered to the city you aspire to live in.

4. Language

Knowing the language makes life easier. Whoever says differently is lying to you!

You don't have to be perfectly fluent. 

Take it easy and attempt to learn while you live overseas or even better before leaving.

5. Change

Don't be afraid of change.

Change is inevitable. Whether you move abroad or not.

However, you are accelerating change by moving to a whole new country where you would need to adapt.

6. Learn

Get ready to learn new social norms.

New Country usually equals new customs to learn.

It is necessary to learn these but also be wary of culture shock.

Culture shock is a real thing. You have to learn to recognize it and adapt. 

7. Sell or Give

Don't keep your stuff in a paid storage unit if you are moving for the long term.

Trust me. Sell or give your belongings away.

If you are not taking them with you, you will not look for them.

If you decide to ship some things to you, that works.

But, you can save yourself headaches and money by not leaving your stuff in a storage unit you would have to pay for or by family.

The bonus round of tips can be found in my Youtube Video.

May this help you while considering if moving abroad is for you or not.

Thanks for reading.

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