10 Tips & Tricks for Ooblets as a New or Veteran Player

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I played Ooblets from the start of early access and am currenty going through the version 1.0.

I wanted to share my tips that help me build my 6 figure farming business while getting new ooblets friends.

I made a list from more obvious to less obvious tips that people found helpful from my Twitch Streams.

I am not giving any story spoilers, but each tip has an associated graphic and text about the gameplay.

If you want the game to be a complete surprise, I have listed the 10 tips for beginners here without elaboration as well. Let's call them hints instead of tips if you are not going to scroll down.

  • Automate your farm 
  • The Dance Barn is an opportunity
  • Save your Whishies 
  • Don't buy gummies! 
  • Fishing is useful
  • Storage is your best friend  
  • Collect the clubhouses tokens 
  • Buy at a Discount
  • Monitor the weather for items
  • Monitor the weather & location for ooblets

1. Automate your farm

Make your farm work for you and not you worked the farm.

As you progress in the game you will gain more access to gadgets such as water guns, sprinklers, upgradable oobcoops (where ooblets can help you farm) and more.

Invest wisely and early in these to avoid spending all your energy on farming instead of cooking, crafting, and selling the goods which make more than double the gummies of the raw crops. Gummies are the in-game currency.

2. The Dance Barn is an Opportunity

The Dance Barn Sign-Up Sheet

Unlock the barn as soon as you can because you get prizes when you win all the dance battles.

Prizes vary from ooblets seeds to useful items. You can even win clothing.

You also know in advance the prize for each day before accepting the challenge.

3. Save your Wishies

Don't use your wishies on these 5 items shown unless you really need them in a hurry.

The Wishywell is filled with useful items necessary to advance in the story.

However, it is also filled with items that can be grown or found in the wild.

Use your wishies for essential items first!

4. Don't use you Wishies on Gummies

Complete daily bulk orders at Plenny's to grow your wealth.

This is linked to the above tip. There are so many ways to get gummies in-game that spending wishies on them is not recommended.

Wishies are not given as often in a day as gummies. You can get gummies by fishing, selling your goods, trading, completing tasks, talking to the townfolks, looting their homes, and even unlocking the shop.

If you are playing on the Nintendo Switch, the shop option is not available yet on the Early September of 2022 release.

5. Fishing helps you save money

Once you collect the cans and convert them into bait to fish

You can fish gummies as I said before but also get at random some of the other items you find in the wishywell or in the wild that are not recipes.

The bait is free if you are only using the cans you pick up around town or in the wildlands.

You basically are recycling and getting items you need. The more you save up in the reconstoot the better bait you can get as well.

6. Storage is your best friend

The chests and storage units come in different sizes and styles.

Upgrade your backpack to the maximum and buy different size chests and other storage units.

You have a limited number of slots but an unlimited number of the item can be in that same slot.

When your backpack is full, you can store some items in chests for later use.

Or if you need certain items instead of others to dance battle wild ooblets, you have them in storage already.

Plus chests come in handy when cooking since you can include the content without having to take the items out.

7. Collect the clubhouses tokens

Completing the clubhouse task gets you the designated token.

You will find free tokens when you explore homes, stores, and clubhouses around Badgetown daily as well.

They are giving you free tokens! Take them and use them at the clubhouses on cards and items.

8. Buy at a Discount

Discounted items at Meed's have a red sign on them. 

At the beginning of the game, you will not have much currency.

Make each gummy count and buy discounted items and seeds to grow your farm at Meed's store.

The discounted item changes daily.

Wait it out when possible to buy the item at the lowest price.

9. Monitor the weather for Items

Finding a snowball in town

Gathering snowballs and raindrops can only happen when the weather changes to find those items in town.

Collect them and save them in your chests because they pop up only when the weather appears.

They are needed for crafting and/or cooking.

You can win them at the dance barn when available as well.

10. Monitor the weather & location for ooblets 

Finding a winter ooblet in the wild

The encounter of certain ooblets changes with the weather.

Gleamies are more likely to be found when it rains from my experience.

There are also specific ooblets that only appear when it snows. 

There are also hidden ephemeral ooblet vacation locations that permit you to meet the ooblets for a certain amount of time before they disappear.

Seize the moment when you get it.

Hope these tips were insightful.

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